“…a delightful read. (…) The alliteration is wonderful (…) and it would be a good example to use in the classroom. Ruth Paul captures the characters very well, both in words and pictures, and the simple and colourful illustrations make the book a treat to share.”

Peer Review August 2015, NZ Book Council.

Frog and his friends are chasing grumpy Fly, but all they catch is his miserable mood … until Tiger gets in a tangle and things take a surprising turn.I wanted to make a book that would be great to read when the kids are in melt-down,  using all the crunchy, grumpy words I could think of.

So here it is. When the day turns to custard, take a moment to sit down and read. I’m counting on the grey cloud lifting while you’re at it. 


Listen here to a lovely new review on Radio NZ National. Woohoo!