Frog and his friends are chasing grumpy Fly, but all they catch is his miserable mood … until Tiger gets in a tangle and things take a surprising turn.

Bye-Bye Grumpy Fly is the book to read when kids are in melt-down.  It uses plenty of silly, crunchy, grumpy words guaranteed to bring the smiles back.

“…brilliant architecture in very few words – that make great sounds and have great rhythm – with a lovely punchline where everyone wins and you finish the book grinning. You would want to read it over and over again.”

Kate de Goldi, Radio NZ National, 13 June 2015 

“…a delightful read. (…) The alliteration is wonderful (…) and it would be a good example to use in the classroom. Ruth Paul captures the characters very well, both in words and pictures, and the simple and colourful illustrations make the book a treat to share.”

NZ Book Council, August 2015